Engagement at Blarney Castle, Cork

Welcome to the enchanting tale of Jack and Maria, a love story that transcends borders and brought them from the heart of Ohio to the picturesque landscapes of Ireland.

In their quest for carefree days and boundless love, they found themselves captivated by the beauty of the Blarney Castle, a majestic medieval fortress nestled just a stone’s throw away from Cork.

Jack, ever the romantic, had a surprise in store for his beloved Maria. He chose the Blarney Castle as the backdrop for a moment that would forever be etched in their hearts. As they wandered through the castle grounds and its lush gardens, little did Maria know that her life was about to change in the most magical way.

Against the backdrop of Blarney Castle‘s historic walls, Jack took a knee and presented Maria with a stunning engagement ring. In this fairy-tale setting, surrounded by the timeless beauty of the castle and its gardens, he asked her the most important question of their lives – “Will you marry me?” The air was filled with the sweet melody of love, and the moment was nothing short of enchanting.

Capturing this emotion-filled moment was a joy, as the camera immortalized the sparkle in Maria’s eyes and the happiness radiating from Jack’s smile. These photographs will forever be a testament to the love shared between Jack and Maria, reminding them of the magical day when a medieval castle in Ireland witnessed the beginning of their journey towards a lifetime of happiness together.

Join us in celebrating Jack and Maria’s love story, a tale that unfolded against the backdrop of Ireland’s beauty, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. May their love continue to grow, just like the ivy that gracefully climbs the walls of the Blarney Castle, standing strong and timeless.

Destination wedding photograph, Based in Cork