About Me

 The Story of my life

Hi Everyone, my name is Massimo Russo and I am a weddings and portraits photographer.

When I was young, I found my father’s old camera at home and I took it on the end of year school trip. That’s where the magic came from.

I started photographing professionally in 2003 in Sicily. Although it was in 2015 that I created my own brand.

I’m Sicilian, but I live in Cork, a small City located in the South-West of Ireland. I love Ireland’s wild nature, its valleys, its cliffs, and the freedom of life.

Those who know me, know that I am passionate about old things, such as vintage cars and motorcycles. In fact my car is a Fiat 500 from 1967 and I own a Vespa 125 from 1977.

I play different instruments, but in my heart vibrate the electric bass and the guitar. I like to listen to vinyl and go to concerts, a way to live 360 degrees music and its energy.

When I’m at a wedding, I put my five senses into telling your story in an intimate, emotional, narrative, and documentary way. My challenge is always to portray people as they are, in the most natural way possible, leaving you truly authentic. All you have to do is enjoy it! Capturing all those emotions that occur at the wedding is another of my challenges. It’s a day to see all the people you love, and to give a thousand hugs and a thousand kisses. (read about my approach here )

For me, these are always the most important wedding photos, these are always the most important emotions to capture. I have a lot of fun with what I do, it gives me a lot of energy. It makes me happy to think that I have a great responsibility in your history, to be chosen to preserve the your precious memories. 

I love taking pictures, meeting people, telling stories. I feel very lucky