Portrait session around Cork City

The first meeting with Ekanki was casual, during a Wedding Industry Expo, at the Marina Market in Cork. In that Expo she wore wedding dresses. I remember we exchanged just a few words, then we lost touch.

A few months later thanks to instagram we met and stayed in touch, writing to each other and both liking our social pages. Over time we have always sketched the idea of organizing a shooting together. And, finally, after a few months and commitments from both of us, we managed to meet on a Saturday morning in the center of Cork.

Cork on Saturday has a different charm, the city is a bit deserted, it wakes up when the sun is high enough. Also, we were lucky because the sun was breaking through the clouds and gave a fantastic light along with a play of shadows. Thanks to the beauty of Ekanki and this fantastic light we managed to take some fantastic photographs, below the entire shooting shooting in the center of Cork chasing the light. Enjoy 😉

Destination wedding photography, based in Cork