Engagement session in Fitzgerald’s Park, Cork

I’m very lucky to be a photographer. I have the privilege of telling stories, of meeting beautiful people. And that’s what happened a few Sundays ago at Fitzgerald Park, a fantastic place in the heart of Cork.

I met two wonderful guys, Rob and Shannon who are getting married on December 31st of this year. It was amazing to spend time with these folks, in love and surrounded by true beauty and authenticity.

Love manifests itself in small gestures, looking into each other’s eyes, listening to each other. Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential for yours. And that’s just what I saw in Rob and Shannon.

This Guys are from Cork and have a strong connection to Fitzgerald Park, where they often walk their dog. In November, in the middle of autumn, this park has a wonderful atmosphere, the colors of the leaves of the trees are a palette of colors for a painter, and, if the sun breaks through the clouds, it gives off an amazing light. We were lucky to see these colors and lights, and I was privileged to witness this wonder.

Thank you Guys 😉

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